[section_caption title=”EMPLOYMENT”]


[history_unit date=”Since 2014″]

Account Coordinator

Enterprise Fleet Management
Toronto, Ontario

Provide reporting, administrative support and superior service to customers. Maintain daily contact and provide exceptional support through professional verbal and written communication, with the goal of exceeding the customer’s expectations.


[history_unit date=”2011 – 2013″]

Digital Account Coodinator

Buffalo, New York

Managed client digital products including websites, social media, press releases, and newsletters. Maintained daily contact with clients and provided professional verbal and written communication. Overall client satisfaction was top priority.


[history_unit date=”2009 – 2011″]

Assistant Manager

Massena, New York

Responsibilities included routine store operations, employee training and guidance, and professional verbal communication. Also responsible for ensuring customers are completely satisfied, opening and closing procedures, and bank deposits.


[history_unit date=”2005 – 2007″]

Independent Contractor

A.D.D. Marketing
Potsdam, New York

Promoted new products for companies such as Sony, Warner Bros., and DirecTV. I worked with supervisors to recruit, train, and guide new representatives, bringing them up-to-speed quickly, and helped developed creative ways of introducing content to potential customers.



[section_caption title=”EDUCATION”]


[history_unit date=”2004 – 2008″]

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

State University of New York
Ppotsdam, New York